Why Am I Anxious?

There are many reasons as to why you may be struggling with anxiety. One or the following factors may have contributed:-

  • Nature and nurture – You may describe yourself as ‘a worrier’. Sometimes this can be part of our personality we were born with or influenced by messages we received in childhood. For example an anxious parent may be constantly pointing out the dangers and using avoidance strategies to cope. This promotes learning that the world is a dangerous place that we must avoid.

  • The desire for control – You may have developed a coping strategy around seeking control to help manage the discomfort of uncertainty and risk. This can work when control can be obtained, but in situations where control is difficult to achieve then coping can be difficult.


  • Experience of trauma – Traumatic events can stay in the subconcious mind and can be triggered easily in other future situations anytime the brain recognises any small signal that connects the event with the trauma. Therefore it can be triggered in situations that are not dangerous but the fear response has become highly sensitised.
  • Dis-regulation of emotions – Not learning or practising helpful coping strategies or the ability to self soothe and be compassionate can lead to emotions being highly uncomfortable. This can trigger a battle with anxiety and the difficulty in knowing how to cope with it.

  • Challenging situations – Some situations may be anxiety provoking because anxiety, change, adjustment and uncertainty is part of life. Sometimes we can fight against these events, which isn’t always as helpful as learning how to ride it out and seek useful actions to cope.

  • Self doubt – Sometimes it is not the fear itself that is the challenge but the way we can see ourselves coping with difficult scenarios. Those with a stronger sense of their coping ability will not feel as anxious because of their confidence in being able to deal with it.


The Anxiety Therapy Programme will help support your own unique background and personality, to identify clearer understanding into the brain’s response to anxiety and help to change habits, unhelpful thinking and the response to uncomfortable emotions.

If you’d like to find out about more of any of our therapies and how they can benefit you, please send us a message, email or phone us.

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