The Contradictions of Motherhood

“For me the most accurate comment on motherhood is that it makes your life twice as bad and twice as good. There is suffering and unsatisfactoriness, but love saves us”

This quote holds so much clarity and truth!

The experience of being a parent involves a roller coaster of emotions. This can feel messy and not always comfortable. We humans tend to prefer clarity and certainty, so contradictory feelings are not always welcomed!

However, trying to feel a certain way all of the time, and judging ourselves if we don’t, impacts our mental wellbeing. 

Have you noticed in your role as a Mum what needs are being met AND what needs are also not being met? Maybe you feel an overwhelming love and joy from the simplest of things your child does, such the feel of your child’s hug. You can feel a sense of meaning and purpose, a reason to get up in the morning.

But at the same time, you may also feel a loss of identity, lack of satisfaction, loneliness, boredom, a lack of freedom and time. 

Maybe it is ok to have all these contradictions – can we switch off the uncomfortable experiences without also switching off the comfortable ones? So choose to switch them all on – without judgement – because after all we are connected by these feelings and to experience them is to connect with love.

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