Becoming a parent can be a time of huge adjustment. From the change in role and daily routine to the change in the dynamic within close relationships.

Many of us feel most comfortable when we feel certain in what we are doing and capable in our role. Caring for a baby is a completely new challenge with lots to learn and lots of conflicting advice. However, if we treat ourselves with criticism and high expectations, we can experience feelings of failure and low self-esteem. It is important at this time to pause, process the changes and readjust expectations.

Postnatal anxiety can also be difficult to manage. The feelings of responsibility to keep ourselves and our baby safe can be overwhelming, and lead to constant checking , avoidance and requests for reassurance.

It can also be an emotional time where past traumas, loss and childhood experiences can be triggered. This can be difficult to manage and understand.

Men can also find adjustment a challenge. Many can feel pushed out and helpless. There is also the additional burden on providing a security and a stable future, creating a sense of loneliness and pressure.

Sessions offered can support women, men and couples in many of the difficulties described. These difficulties are common and you are not alone.

Essex Anxiety Therapy can provide support with postnatal anxiety by helping you:

  • Build identity, confidence and self compassion.
  • Adjust expectations of how you thought life would be.
  • Cope with uncomfortable feelings such as guilt, responsibility, resentment and anxiety.
  • Improve communication and connection in relationship with your partner.
  • Recognise what really drives you to boost motivation in taking action to achieve your goals and meet your values.


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