Life Transitions

We all can face some key challenges in life that can cause feelings of uncertainty, loss and fear. 

Life transitions can include:

– Career change
– Parenthood
– Retirement
– Menopause
– Midlife
– Relationship breakdown
– Loss

We as humans like to be in control and such life events can alter the balance with our sense of control, generating high anxiety. Our minds like to constantly search for solutions, which can be helpful at times, but at other times just leads to our thoughts going round in circles.

By getting support in processing and accepting change, readjusting our expectations and identifying what is most important, we can find a sense of calm and peace.

The Anxiety Therapy Programme can help in making these adjustments more manageable. Treating ourselves with kindness and compassion and learning the skills in being more present and managing distressing thoughts, can ease any difficult life transitions.

If you’d like to find out about more of any of our therapies and how they can benefit you, please send us a message, email or phone us.

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