How To Reduce Anxiety

There are many ways to reduce anxiety, some which you may have tried and found helpful to different degrees.

Step 1 – The first step in reducing anxiety is to have a real understanding of anxiety and how it works in the brain and body. You will then feel more in control as you know what is happening so that the experience of fear itself will no longer trigger any further anxiety.

Step 2 – It is also important to work out what it is you really want to change. It can feel scary to change our response to anxiety because although it can be causing difficulties it may also be helping us to feel safe. So you don’t need to change everything! Stepping out of our comfort zone is challenging, so it needs to be a gradual process that taps into the right motivation. We also need to guide our mind to find the right compromise between ensuring safety but also being able to be calm and carry out the activities in our life that we need and want to do.

Step 3 – Get a tool kit of techniques. Cognitive approaches, mindfulness, graded exposure, relaxation, breathing and meaningful activities are key techniques to learn to reduce anxiety.

Step 4Practice! To break habits, form new ones and for our minds to see the benefits of new responses, it requires practice. Building it in to daily routine is easier as it doesn’t feel like an added demand.


The Anxiety Therapy Programme is geared around offering support with these four steps, guiding you through each one, providing tools, understanding and motivation.

If you’d like to find out about more of any of our therapies and how they can benefit you, please send us a message, email or phone us.

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