Difficulties conceiving is highly stressful and can impact on physical health, mood and relationships. It can be an isolating time, triggering a natural avoidance of people and places.

​Whilst there is no clear link between stress and fertility, the emotional rollercoaster certainly has a clear impact on health and wellbeing. The uncertainty of the future can put things on hold, leading to feeling out of control.

​Therefore it is so important that women, men and couples receive non-judgemental emotional support in sharing difficulties and finding ways to cope and adjust.

Sessions for fertility stress will focus on helping you:

  • Understand and validate your own unique experience.
  • ​Build coping strategies to manage uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.
  • Boost relaxation to increase calm, balance hormones and reduce stress.
  • Utilise the powerful mind and body connection to boost fertility.
  • Manage the impact on relationship with partner, friends and family.


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