Birth fears

The thought of giving birth can provoke feelings of dread and fear. The sharing of horror birth stories generally do not support a positive outlook. Likewise birth stories of ease, bliss and joy can equally feel overwhelming. Our natural search for answers can create more confusion as we crave certainty about what our own birth experience will be like. Unfortunately pregnancy is filled with not knowing, which can be very uncomfortable.

Support around birth fears aims to create more certainty in the areas in which are more predictable and helpful. It is aimed for those who struggle with anxiety, and therefore sessions are dedicated to coping with anxiety more effectively and building confidence.

The Anxiety Therapy Programme will help reduce birth fears by providing:

  • Techniques focused specifically on managing fear and enhancing relaxation in mind and body.
  • Understand the mind and body connection and learn how to use it to your advantage.
  • Learn relaxation techniques to reduce any physical or emotional discomfort.
  • Enhance your feeling of control and confidence.
  • Learn and practice powerful mental rehearsal and visualisation techniques to make changes on a subconscious level.
  • HypnoBirthing resources and practice.

Essex Anxiety Therapy has teamed up with the experts at ‘Happy Parents Happy Baby’ who provide socialable group antenatal classes. Four sessions held at The Corner Club and Shambhala yoga studios in Leigh on Sea cover all aspects of antenatal education including labour preparation with midwife and obstetrician, baby first aid and caring for baby advice with a GP, hypnobirthing with Essex Anxiety Therapy and breastfeeding expert advice. Food, drink and fun included too!  Search for the courses at

If you’d like to find out about more of any of the therapies and how they can benefit you, please contact us by message, email or phone.

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