Anxiety Therapy Programme

The Anxiety Therapy Programme offers a range of benefits for those who are struggling with the discomfort from anxious feelings. 

In SIX (one hour) sessions you will learn:

  • Your unique anxiety profile – Including how and why you respond to anxiety, what your triggers and barriers are and what is most important to you. This creates an individualised set of goals and techniques that are tailored to your needs.
  • How to respond more effectively to anxiety – Anxiety triggers our minds to work on overdrive, seeking solutions to ensure safety and control. Being in a threat and drive mode however is not always the most helpful approach. Learn how to change response through managing thoughts, connecting with the soothing system and engage in values based meaningful activities.
  • How to change our relationship with uncomfortable feelings – Anxiety takes us away from the present moment, robbing us of the pleasure of the present moment. Learn practical skills in how to let go of unhelpful thoughts, tolerate discomfort and refocus on the here and now. 
  • How to increase self compassion – Anxiety can be higher when we have lower self esteem, putting ourselves under too much pressure and doubting our ability to cope when things go wrong. Pain and discomfort in life is inevitable , but we can give ourselves a hard time when life gets tough, which isn’t helpful. Being more self compassionate can relieve our discomfort and help set our sights on more achievable expectations and actions. 
  • How to Relax – Learn effective skills in relaxation, breathing, visualisation and grounding to help enhance connection to feelings of calm and peace.
  • You will also receive a resource pack with information and techniques to practice.
Inclusive programme fee: £270


I welcome any queries by phone or email prior to your booking.

A one hour consultation appointment is offered for FREE in order to explore your needs and goals. There is no obligation to commence any sessions.

On occasion I may need to refer you to your GP if there are medical needs I feel need to be explored prior to therapy. This will done with your consent. Your information will be kept confidential (if safe to do so) and the service abides by a strict code of ethics and professional standards. 


Individual sessions are also available. 

Anxiety Therapy | 1 hour | £50

Relaxation | 30 minutes | £20

If you’d like to find out about more of any of our therapies and how they can benefit you, please send us a message, email or phone us.

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