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The Calm Mind Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of emotional coping skills. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, anger, low self confidence, uncertainty or any difficult feelings, the toolkit helps you understand these feelings and cope with them more effectively. 

There is a specialist focus on the roles and challenges of parenthood, identifying the specific difficulties parents have in coping with emotions, adjusting to change and maintaining self-esteem.

You are guided through the toolkit with your professional therapist in person or via Skype call. 

Get in contact and start learning the skills to build a resilient and compassionate approach to dealing with difficult thoughts and feelings. 

Perinatal Mental Health

Preparing for

Adjusting to

Achieving Balance & Returning to Work

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Helen Stammers is an Occupational Therapist specialising in mental health. Helen has a wealth of experience in NHS mental health mental health services, developing her specialism in anxiety therapy and perinatal mental health. 

Helen’s main aim is to provide clients with the understanding and skills to reduce anxiety and increase coping and resilience. This is through not just providing clients with the support within therapy sessions, but in providing the skills to apply in daily life and for the future. 

As an Occupational Therapist, Helen is focused on seeing each client as an individual and not a set of symptoms. This approach means that clients benefit from recognising what gives them meaning and purpose, and how to overcome any barriers preventing achievement of goals and fulfilment in daily life. 

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